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The Camba is a  fantastic structure that attracts children. The variety of activities will encourage children to come back again and again. The Camba offers ample climbing and balancing for high numbers of active children. The bridge offers thrill for children who like to challenge themselves. The varied climbing units train proprioception and cross-body coordination, which are fundamental for children’s mathematical understanding. The curved slide and the fireman’s pole are thrilling paths to return to the ground. They additionally train the Spatial understanding, important for body confidence and control. Overhead bars train upper body strength. The Camba offers plenty of opportunities for social play that will help children to build important social and emotional skills, and will motivate children to play for longer. 

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Référence du produit: PCE310303

Type de produit: ELEMENTS™ LES ESSENTIELS Âge Scolaire

Groupe de produits: ELEMENTS™ LES ESSENTIELS

4 - 12


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Le jeu selon KOMPAN

Notre objectif est triple : créer un effet WOW qui stimule l’envie de RESTER, tout en encourageant le DEVELOPPEMENT à travers le jeu physique et mental. 


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